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Hue Tourism – a great destination for tourists loving romance

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Hue Tourism – a great destination for tourists loving romance
It concerns the first visitors to the Hue probably is not the real question as to Hue eat, where to go, to stay or where to play.
Maybe they want to know is why is called the land of Hue Neurology, why Hue is mentioned as Origin dreams, about the origin of the taciturn, gently mix of something steamy but was very close commercial…
It is autumn sun gradually, Hue welcomes tourists by the sudden rains and then leave a space clear blue sky. Taking a deep breath new comments seem to stick out of the air cooler. Calling a cyclo, taking a few minutes to wander and observe.

Dear you! Why mother earth ground Hue called Neuro?
– Since the land Hue Citadel and many composite Mysticism that the origin of Neurology.
– What make Hue become mysterious?
– Slowly he will know.
– Why is it called dream Hue? I have found it very dreamy Where?
– Slowly he will know. TUN carry him through several places, ensuring you’ll dream, do not want to stay here…

Where to go?
Cyclo transported along the Citadel, admire the majesty with a little taciturn introduced the mansion of ancient kings. In the vast landscape with many things to discover when viewed from the outside, an anxious heart will not fear tomorrow… where should break advised to visit the heart had to spend the next day.
Running add about 5 more kilometers to reach the Thien Mu Pagoda – the temple is located on the Huong river line. Visit Thien Mu Pagoda to hear the couple curse, to understand the fear of ‘Mama’ in the hearts of couples in love do not dare to. But somewhere in the anxiety that, in the context of the purity of the temple there are couples holding hands to heaven and pray for Buddha bless and curse when that joy is removed…

Continue along the river, to the village of Cat Hai, on a low mountain green trees silhouetted calm down looming water color brown moss tiles of ancient temples. That was the Hon Chen – a famous tourist sights not to be missed when traveling Hue. Climb the stairs, onto the highest peaks to admire the water paintings filled with green color levels.
By the Hon Chen, March, July lunar new feeling festive atmosphere from folk festivals Y Ana church and Holy Communion. The festival is known as a festival on the Huong River…

End of journey on a stretch of road with Tu Duc. The works is known for its beautiful architecture titles temporary Nguyen results not exaggerating at all. Located in a narrow valley village of Duong Xuan Thuong village now is the Upper Three, Thuy Xuan, Hue city. In the lovely scenery and charm of floral, water color, pilgrims thought like on the scene first, that they forget that there is a mausoleum of the deceased. Tell dreamy little less pleased to return to reality, to offer spiritual incense for the deceased king talented…

What to eat?
Hue also many places to play, much to admire the beautiful scenery, but went one afternoon and the place should be eating, resting. In the cool of the afternoon radio receiver, the car meticulously wiped sweat struggling for half a day wading distant road, the visitors also stomach gnawing hunger:
– Brothers. Where we stop eating the most delicious?
– He heard: “Eating rice Hades Paradise hotel bed yet?”
End of sentence, the driver enthusiasm. Hue afternoon that moment was purple, sad sad sad tune the ineffable. Vague thought, suddenly feel deposition emotions when she watched the girls from school with pure white dress, sometimes occasionally hear the “te mo rang rua” damage gentle, likeable. Pretty vague minutes, the car has arrived. “Hue seemed that little blow” – pair Hue accent the driver laugh, less tired.
Rice Hades turned out to be the name of a type of rice shop in Hades. Rice dish so that picky as to strangers! From colors to decorate a plate of food on subtle features something very subtle, luxurious. Besides rice dish is full of flavor sauce is cups water feature of Hue. It is true that people eat spicy Hue, Vietnam to the guests eat and sniffed… Maybe cup spicy sauce was just right for the people here, because every day still see it on the tray presence of friends at home Hue…

Where to stay?
Finish the meal, the guests joked: “So now you lead me back to bed hotel Heaven?”. The driver was silent, about 3 minutes drive to the downtown area, where the electric light lights up. Hue suddenly strange, bustling and vibrant city proper quality. In-minute surprise, the driver pointing: “It! The towering buildings around here, the hotel has affordable price, luxury, he chose that option. Want hotels in Hue Heaven, I’m willing to drive you away. ”
Say goodbye pedicab driver enthusiasm fun, make a quick selection procedure room, picked up a few kids in Hue has just come home from work. After hours of fun, stroll along the banks of grass Trang Tien bridge, stop watching the poetic Huong River. Being immersed sightseeing, friends say a sentence that children feel cheerful:
Then go somewhere alone? Tau Mai Tam Giang carry you away, away Thuan An, Lang Co beach… You want to go said. Hue have places to go.
Do you eat in Hue tea yet? Bun Bo Hue mussel rice, noodles, mussels, snakehead fish cake soup… Do you want to eat something?
Hue also turned out great places to go, things to eat and too much to say, to remember, to wait… More than 2 days stay in Hue, why can feel all the beauty of the ancient capital. Hue had an appointment at another time too!

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